Doug C Ko, LAc, Raleigh, NC

About Me

imageDoug earned his Master’s degree in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbology from Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (SIOM) in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Xie and Dr. Dan Bensky among others had great influence on his path to become a practitioner of the Chinese medicine. 

Doug is a licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) in North Carolina and an East Asian Medicine Practitioner (EAMP) in Washington state and holds two National Diplomates in Chinese herbology and acupuncture from National Certification Commission Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).  After graduation, he visited South Korea and developed a mentorship with Dr. Jae-Du Kim in Seoul, South Korea who studied in Taiwan. When Dr. Kim treated Doug years ago, it left a deep impression on Doug for the following years and Dr. Kim is the one who inspired Doug to study Chinese medicine years later. 

At SIOM, Doug was taught Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) style of acupuncture.  Years ago he had opportunity to come across and read Master Tung’s acupuncture book written in Chinese by Dr. Wei Chieh Young who is one of 73 direct disciples of the late Master Tung (Taiwan).   Dr. Young has earned three doctorate degrees and written many books on acupuncture and Chinese medicine besides holding numerous seminars.   In 2006, Doug finally had an opportunity to meet Dr. Young at his four day seminar “The Complete Courses of Tung’s Acupuncture” and in addition he attended “The Best of Master Tung’s Points” by Susan Johnson.  Doug completed the four day seminar taught by Dr. Young, “The Advanced Seminar of Tung’s Acupuncture” in October 2008 and he reattended the seminar in November 2012.  Doug further attended “One Needle Therapy and Palm Diagnosis”, a four day seminar, taught by Dr. Young in September 2009 and he attended the seminar again in November 2011. Dr. Young has been a great guide and inspiration to Doug since then. For more information about Dr. Wei Chieh Young visit his website at  Doug has been utilizing Master Tung’s/ Dr. Young’s style of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine ever since. 

Doug learned Chinese before his study of Chinese medicine & kept up with the language to read the classical and original sources.   After he graduated from SIOM, he went back to original source of Chinese medicine.   He is especially interested in reading classical sources to gain insight, e.g. the oldest existing Chinese medicine classic Nei Jing (Inner Classic) (Circa B.C. 722 – 221) and Shang Han Lun (Discussion on Cold Damage) by Zhang Zhong Jing (Circa A.D. 150 – 219) from the Eastern Han dynasty and Jing Yue Quan Shu by Zhang Jing Yue from the Ming Dynasty.  Doug believes, inspired by Dr. Young, that he can draw and utilize the ancient knowledge and experience from the classics to expand his own fund of knowledge and insight.  

Doug is always open to expand his knowledge and was given a timely opportunity to learn about Daoist Master and teacher Jeffrey Yuen.  Doug has attended his seminar and is fascinated how systematically Jeffrey Yuen explains our body and mind with 8 extraordinary vessels and offers new approaches to acupuncture treatment.  Doug believes that Jeffrey Yuen’s style can enrich and expand his clinical skill.   

Doug’s been practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbology for years. One of Doug’s understanding of Chinese medicine is that life is change  and we are constantly influenced by external/environmental factors and our own body's reaction to them. This can affect qi, blood and channels/vessels: the physical body. The majority of our neuromuscular pain and health conditions may arise when the body loses its own ability to harmornize these two influences.   Doug has been successful in treating neuromuscular pain conditions, general health conditions such as fatique, migraines, dizziness, depression, anxiety, stress, digestive conditions, respiratory conditions, women’s health conditions, and even successes with infertility.